Released in USA
Title: Funky Yo Yo - lp
Side A
Yo yo (part 1) - (Don Covay?)
I don't think I can make it - (Don Covay?)
Three time loser - (Don Covay, Ronald Miller)
An ugly woman (is twice as sweet) - (Don Covay?)
Side B
Yo yo (part 2) - (Don Covay?)
Love is sweeter on the other side - (Don Covay?)
You can't get something for nothing - (Don Covay?)
Your love has got to me - (Don Covay?)
Producer: Don Covay?
Release date: 1977
Label: Versatile
Catalog number: NED 1123

The Lp cover lists Don Covay as producer & composer of all the songs, which probably isnĀ“t completely accurate as at least "Three time loser" was co-composed with Ronald Miller.

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