"Fake" is perhaps a bit strong word for these tracks, they are genuing Isley Brothers recordings that just don't feature Hendrix, but since the Brothers themselves have released the tracks claiming that Jimi is playing on them I'll settle for "fake" to describe them...the tracks in question are "The Last Girl", "Looking For A Love", "Simon Says" & "Wild As A Tiger". The tracks were originally released on two singles (and later in different mixes on the "In The Beginning" lp), and recorded in New York during two sessions at times when Jimi was not a member of the Isley Brothers or even in New York:

"The Last Girl", "Looking For A Love" were recorded 23 September 1964, Jimi was working in one of the backing bands on a Sam Cooke package tour at the time. "Simon Says" & "Wild As A Tiger" were recorded 29 January 1965, Jimi was touring with Little Richard and on the West Coast at the time. See  "Timeline" for more info.

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