Released in USA
Titles: Hornet's Nest / Knock Yourself Out - 7" single

Hornet's Nest - (Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Simon)
Knock Yourself Out - (Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Simon)
Producer: Jerry Simon
Release date: August / September 1966 1
Label: RSVP
Catalog number: RSVP 1124

The single was reviewed in the 17 September 1966 Cash Box issue: Side A was graded "B+" (very good), "Wild reading of the comic character`s theme". Side B in turn got a "B" (good), "Wild instrumental outing". This may be the first time that Jimi got his name mentioned in a newspaper article? It is highly likely that Jerry Simon actually didn`t participate in the writing of these tracks, it was quite common in the 1960s for producers / artists to claim a part of the writing credits for tracks they recorded.

The single was pressed by RCA, it can be dated by the matrix numbers, all pressings done in 1966 start with a "T", see http://www.45rpmrecords.com/date_rca.php

Exists in (at least) 2 different versions, same label design with different text:

  1. Stock copy
    (no picture available)
  2. "D.J. Copy Not For Sale"
    Matrix A:
    TK4M--1468--1 R
    Matrix B:
    TK4M--1469--1 R

Side A

Side B

1 As detailed above the single was pressed in 1966, the tracks were copyrighted 30Aug66 & 6Sep66 (see the 1966 recordings -section) and Cash Box reviewed the disc in the 17 September 1966 issue. The single was also reviewed in the 17 September 1966 issue of Record World. With thanks to David Chance.