Gathered here are pieces that I've written about some more general subjects than just artist that Jimi performed and / or recorded with.

Early Jimi Hendrix On Polaroid
- many of the early shots of Jimi taken before September 1966 are Polaroids, this is just a little article on how this is apparent on the pictures and how they were originally taken.

Humour And Comedy
- jokes and references that Jimi made that can be traced back to "the early days"

Johnny Brantley And His Productions
- an (in progress) overview of producer Johnny Brantley's career in music

Jimi And Elvis
- as far as know Jimi Hendrix and Elvis Presley never met but Elvis of course influenced Jimi as well as practically every other rock musician that ever lived.

- an early video jukebox which operated with 16 mm film, one was installed at the Cheetah in 1966