11 July 2022
The Isley Brothers were originally a quartet until Vernon Isley, at the time the youngest of the brothers, died in an accident in 1954. I updated the information about his date of death which has routinely and incorrectly been given as 1955 (he died at age 11 in 1954). I also added quotes from contemporary newspaper reports which describe the accident in detail as well as give interesting insights into the Isley family life at the time. [link to updated page]

7 July 2022
I updated the Go Go Shoes / Go Go Place 45 entry on the Lonnie Youngblood Discography -page (and other relevant pages) with a confirmed release date of 23 May 1966, new scans of the stock copy label and the matrix numbers of the stock copy [link to updated page]

21 June 2022
Small update to the Jimi And Elvis -page: I added a link to some previously unseen pictures published in 2021 taken at Jimi's Sicks' Stadium concert in 1970. These include a shot of the audience watching his show from Tightwad Hill - from which viewpoint Jimi himself (allegedly) watched the 1957 Elvis show at the same stadium [link to updated page]

20 June 2022
I repaired all of the broken old flash based audio players on the website. As these have been out of order for quite a while now here are the links for those who possibly have never heard the audio files:

- samples of the "I Got You (I Feel Good)" -riff included in the Curtis Knight & the Squires recording of "Knock Yourself Out" on the Curtis Knight 1966 Studio Recordings -page [link to updated page]

- samples of "One Track Heart" and "Suey" on the Jimi And Elvis -page [link to updated page] and the Jayne Mansfield Intro -page [link to updated page]

- samples of both Elvis' and Jimi's versions of "Heartbreak Hotel" on the Jimi And Elvis -page [link to updated page]

- samples of "Soul Food (That's A What I Like)", "(I Wonder) What It Takes" and "Hot Potato" on the Lonnie Youngblood Solo Recordings -page [link to updated page]

20 June 2022
Corrected some typos and small mistakes on the Jimi And Elvis -page [link to updated page]

27 May 2022
Update to the "fake" Jimi Hendrix -recordings page: "Human Heart", as probably most famously released on the "Jimi Hendrix" album Moods, was not based on an unreleased Herman Hitson recording of "You Are Too Much For The Human Heart" like I originally speculated. In 2019 the actual original version by Lee Moses was finally released. Johnny Brantley wiped Lee's vocals and added a lead guitar part thus turning the recording into an instrumental "Jimi Hendrix" -track circa 1972 / 1973. [link to updated page]

21 May 2022
I made a mistake a few weeks ago when I wrote about the Isley Brothers -song "Feels Like The World". It wasn't first released on the lp "The Brothers: ISLEY". Instead it was first released in April 1969 on the lp "It's Our Thing," then it was released AGAIN four months later in August 1969 on the lp "The Brothers: ISLEY." Why the same song and recording was released twice in the same year on the same label owned by the artists I do not know but that's apparently what happened. I've corrected the text on the page in question. [link to updated page]

16 April 2022
I've added a new piece of text on the Isley Brothers "Recordings With Jimi Hendrix" -page about the Isley Brothers song "Feels Like The World". In short, the Isleys stated in interviews made between 1971-1973 that they wrote the song with Jimi and played it with him live circa 1964-1965. "Feels Like The World" was released on the 1969 album The Brothers: ISLEY but this is of course a Hendrix-less version (though a great track nevertheless). The band also dedicated the song to Jimi in concert in 1971-1973. I've collected everything that I could find out about the song on the recordings-page, the link takes you directly to the new added part. [link to updated page]

4 April 2022
Added a new date on the Isley Brothers Live Dates -page: Bermuda Tennis Stadium, Hamilton, Bermuda Saturday 23 May 1964. The link takes you straight to the new entry [link to updated page]

16 March 2022
Added a story by Danny Kortchmar (at the time a member of King Bees) where he recalls seeing Curtis Knight and the Lovers (with Jimi Hendrix on guitar) at Trudy Heller's / the Eighth Wonder in 1966 [link to updated page]

13 March 2022
I added a Johnny Starr related record to the Starr discography, The Everyday People by The Everyday People. The link takes you directly to the new entry. [link to updated page]

9 January 2022
Little Richard played at least two gigs with the Sir Douglas Quintet on the same bill, Raleigh 22 July 1965 and Allentown 25 July 1965. Augie Meyers of the Sir Douglas Quintet states that Jimi was playing guitar with Little Richard at the time.

Based on this I've "upgraded" the July 1965 Little Richard -dates from "probably not" to "a possible Little Richard & Jimi Hendrix -gig". [link to updated page]

27 December 2021
Updated the Ricky Mason "Recordings With Jimi Hendrix" -page with info about the No Business cd/lp and a correction to the instrumentation on "Sick & Tired" - the track does not have two sax parts, the two instruments are a trumpet and a baritone saxophone [link to updated page]

22 December 2021
I've added a new Artist-section for Johnny Starr. Johnny participated in 1965 Curtis Knight -recordings together with Jimi Hendrix - Johnny's presence at the sessions has been documented in photographs and was mentioned by Curtis Knight.

I've listed all of the Curtis Knight -tracks with possible Johnny Starr contributions that I've found so far. I've also put to together a small Johnny Starr "solo" discography and included photographs of Johnny taken in the 1970s. The photos and stories behind them were contributed by "Joe the sound man" from Connecticut.

The section is far from a definite last word on the subject but as usual I'm hoping that there are people out there who can add to it...  [link to new pages]

3 December 2021
In November 2021 Julien's auctioned two well known photographs of Curtis Knight & the Squires with Jimi Hendrix on guitar, taken at Ondine in 1966. These two particular photos, however, seem to be the original Polaroids. I had no idea that these (and other early shots like the King Kasuals in 1963) were Polaroids so I added a little page that discusses the two pictures and has some general info on 1960's Polaroid cameras & paper used to take the photos. [link to new page]

16 November 2021
Little Richard appeared on the Dick Cavett Show on 17 February 1970, I embedded a YouTube clip of the broadcast on the timeline [link to updated page]

3 November 2021
The previously missing photos of Little Richard (and Gladys Knight & the Pips) at the Apollo in December 1964 turned up on the Getty website. I've embedded all of the shots on the Little Richard Live Dates -page and updated the text as Jimi is nowhere to be seen in these pictures. Which is of course a shame but the good news is that it helps in determining the date that Jimi joined Little Richard's band which is likely to have been in late December 1964 - early January 1965 [link to updated page]

31 October 2021
For a bit of Halloween fun I've added a page about Scopitone (the Cheetah had one of these machines installed), this includes a Scopitone-film of Joi Lansing singing about the horrors of love, "The Web Of Love" (1966). [link to new page]

29 October 2021
New dates for the Isley Brothers with Jimi on guitar:
Friday 26 June 1964 - Thursday 2 July 1964, a one week booking at the Apollo Theatre.

And even better, Getty has photos from one of these gigs, including one with Jimi. I've added a new page on the site, the Isley Brothers "Live Dates", and all of the information on this new date is available there [link to new page]

27 October 2021
I updated the entry for the original 1962 Curtis Knight "Gotta Have A New Dress" single:
- added scans of the white label promo issue
- added disc matrix & label variation -info
- updated the YouTube-clip links to ones that work
[link to updated page]

25 October 2021
Looks like the Curtis Knight 45 "Baby, That's Where It's At" on Horton Records indeed was the first "Curtis Knight" solo record (Curtis had previously been a member of Charles Fuqua's the Ink Spots and the Titans). I`ve updated the info for the single with a September 1960 release date, a Cash Box -review and matrix numbers for the vinyl [link to updated page]

29 September 2021
Updates to the Sam Williams "So Called Friend / Miracle Worker" 45 info: swapped the single sides the correct way round, added a release date, a Cash Box review and embedded label scans & audio clips for both sides of the single. The link will take you directly to the updated entry [link to updated page]

26 August 2021
I updated the Atlantic Sounds -discography with a more precise US release date (first week of December 1967) for the "Pata Pata" single plus added two short contemporary reviews of the 45 from Billboard and Cash Box. And I corrected the year of the German issue to 1968, upgraded the sleeve scan plus added scans of the disc labels and the matrix numbers. Whether Jimi Hendrix played on the B-side "Blast Off" or not is still a mystery though... [link to updated page]

24 August 2021
A new King Curtis date with Jimi Hendrix on guitar surfaced so I added a "Live Dates" -page to the King Curtis -section which now includes information on a 30 April 1966 gig at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York which had King Curtis on the same bill with Chuck Berry and the Ronettes (who didn`t show up) [link to new page]

16 August 2021
I added a Locations-page for Jimi's 1964 apartment in Atlanta, 318 Fort Street [link to new page]

9 August 2021
I added an "Unconfirmed Artists" -entry for Lee Moses. I`m starting this out with an Intro-page that details the various Jimi Hendrix connections that Lee Moses had and Jimi`s stay in Atlanta in 1964. Then there is a Lee Moses Discography-page which lists all of the original official Moses solo recordings issued circa 1965-1973. Guest appearances, "fake Hendrix" -albums and posthumous releases will be added later. [link to new section]

7 August 2021
The tour in September - October 1964 during which Jimi Hendrix sent two postcards to his father describing it as lasting "about 35 days" was not with Sam Cooke as I`d previously thought. It was in fact with the Bonnevilles: Jimi sent Al a postcard stamped 8 October on which he wrote "Here we are in Florida, we're going to play in Tampa tomorrow - then Miami". The 9 October 1964 issue of The Miami Herald ran an ad for the Bonnevilles appearing at Jet Lounge together with Corn Bread.

I have updated the mid September - mid October 1964 period of the Timeline with the new info on the Bonnevilles tour. The link will take you directly to the 9 October 1964 -entry with the Miami gig ad [link to updated page]

23 July 2021
Added scans of the Ray Sharpe 45 "I Can't Take It / Mary Jane" and updated some of the information for the single including a Cash Box review and the disc matrix numbers [link to updated page]

24 April 2021
Added a new Little Richard live date, 21-22 May 1965 Newport, Kentucky (with Jimi Hendrix on guitar). And confirmed, updated & corrected the 9-10 July 1965 Newport, Kentucky -date (possibly with Hendrix on guitar) that I had previously made a mess of. [link to updated page]

15 April 2021
Added a new Little Richard live date. This one took place either just before Jimi Hendrix left the band or shortly thereafter - the exact date for Jimi leaving Little Richard and joining the Isley Brothers is still unknown. Raleigh 22 July 1965, the link takes you straight to the new date [link to updated page]

13 April 2021
Added a new Little Richard live date (very likely with Jimi Hendrix on guitar), Raleigh 15 January 1965. The link takes you straight to the new date [link to updated page]

15 March 2021
Upgraded the pictures and updated the info for the (non Jimi Hendrix) Curtis Knight 45 "Ain`t Gonna Be No Next Time". The link takes you straight to the updated entry. [link to updated page]

1 March 2021
The Ike & Tina Turner "Intro" -page has been updated with some more quotes about Jimi playing with the band [link to updated page]

26 February 2021
I re-evaluated "Under The Table" by Lonnie Youngblood & Jimi Hendrix. The original copyright registrations for the track credit Jimi as the sole composer, I added those plus lot´s of corrections and speculation about the influence "Jest Smoochin`" by King Curtis may have had on "Under The Table". The link takes you straight to the rewritten part. [link to updated page]

22 February 2021
It was always clear that the flip side of the Jet Set 45 "Mojo Man "from voodoo land"" did not date from 1969 and did not have Jimi Hendrix on it. I`ve now updated the discography with information on what it actually is: "It`s Not The End" is a 1962 recording by Master Four, originally released in 1967 and reissued in 1970 as the B-side of "Mojo Man". No business like show business. [link to updated page]

18 February 2021
I added a nice vintage film of Los Angeles circa July 1964 on the "Little Richard Live Dates" -page. The footage features night time shots of clubs & restaurants on Santa Monica Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard, including Ciro`s. The club appears in two shots at 1.30-1.55. The link takes you straight to the clip [link to updated page]

14 February 2021
The Isley Brothers song "Testify" seems to have been written for / about Magnificent Montague who at the time was a highly influential DJ on radio station WWRL in New York City. The song appears to be a spoof of / tribute to an early morning Montague radio broadcast, I`ve collected my arguments for this conclusion on a new Isleys page, "The Isley Brothers and Magnificent Montague" [link to new page]

19 January 2021

Getty Images has new, professional (though taken from a distance) pictures of Jimi Hendrix with the Isley Brothers. These are from the Rockland Palace in New York City 19 June 1964, I`ve added the gig info and all of the pictures embedded from Getty in the Timeline, the link will take you straight to the relevant entry [link to updated page]

29 December 2020
I`ve written a small review of the vinyl release of the new Curtis Knight -album No Business. And John McDermott made some comments on the cd review, I`ve coupled the new information from John and the vinyl issue review together as one page [link to new page]

The lp review does not include any commentary on the recordings themselves [which are identical to the cd release), for a full run down of the album please see the cd review (which I have updated with the comments from McDermott) [link to updated page]

6 December 2020
Corrected the release date of the Ray Sharpe with the King Curtis Orchestra 45 "Help Me (Get The Feeling)" to February 1966 everywhere on the website (hopefully). This date is now confirmed by several contemporary news items published in Record World magazine. The articles also provide further support for 21 January 1966 being the correct recording date for the song, as does a copyright registration date, now also added. The mystery of the 1965 matrix date for the vinyl single however still remains... [link to updated page]

21 November 2020
I finished a review of the new Curtis Knight & Jimi Hendrix -cd "No Business". Or "finished" is not really true, I just had to stop writing at some point... [link to new page]

16 November 2020
I corrected a long running error on this website (and in many other publications over the years): Jimi Hendrix actually never was a member of King Curtis & the Kingpins. For the simple reason that King Curtis only started to use the band name "Kingpins" in 1967 whereas Jimi played guitar with Curtis circa 1965 / 1966. I added a page on the site discussing the band names that King Curtis DID use in 1966. [link to new page]

17 October 2020
I completely rewrote & expanded the Percy Sledge -page. Atlantic Records threw a party at The Prelude in New York City on the 5th of May 1966, King Curtis provided the house band for the event, with Jimi Hendrix on guitar. Featured vocalists were Percy Sledge, Esther Phillips, Wilson Pickett and Don Covay. Parts of the evening were recorded on cassette by WLIB DJ Jack Walker, which means that some of the show may have been broadcast on the radio. The updated page now includes all information currently available about this historical night [link to updated page]

18 September 2020
Added pictures of the white label Specialty-pressing of the "Instant Groove" 45 to the discography plus a couple of Record World news items about the single [link to updated page]

29 August 2020
Added the recording date of the Wilson Pickett -version of "Three Time Loser" (no Hendrix involvement) on the Don Covay Funky Yo-Yo -page [link to updated page]

29 August 2020

Added info for the 13-14 October 1966 at Fame Recording Studios Wilson Pickett -session to the timeline [link to updated page]

24 August 2020
Added a track by track breakdown of Don Covay`s Funky Yo-Yo album. There isn`t much information available but everything that I have been able to dig up so far is included here [link to new page]

26 July 2020
Added a new quote from Jimi about Elvis, and corrected information about the only quote that I previously knew about, printed in the February 1969 Royal Albert Hall concert program. I originally thought the program quote was from 1969 but it had actually been taken from an old 1968 interview so Jimi was NOT making any sort of reference to Elvis` 1968 comeback special. [link to updated page]

30 May 2020
I found an upgraded clip of the Titans appearing in the 1957 film "Bop Girl Goes Calypso", featuring Curtis McNair aka Curtis Knight. A much better quality clip than I had seen before but I`m still looking for the complete film. TCM has broadcast this in the USA, it must be available in reasonable quality or in HD somewhere? (And I don`t mean the numerous pirate dvds of unknown quality that are being sold) [link to updated page]

29 May 2020
Updated the entry for the 1966 recording "Station Break" by Curtis Knight & the Squires with corrections & additions [link to updated page]

25 May 2020

Elvis update Part 1 - updated the Jimi And Elvis -page with new information about the Band Of Gypsys "Elvis Medley" (the jam also includes "Jailhouse Rock" and may have been inspired by the "´68 Comeback Special")  [link to updated page]

25 May 2020
Elvis update Part 2 - added a new chapter to the Jimi And Elvis -page. This discusses the song "Memories" which Elvis performed in the "´68 Comeback Special". The track was composed by Mac Davis who also worked and recorded for Vee-Jay, and was the label`s "sales and promotion manager for the south" based in Atlanta, Georgia (Little Richard`s home town) for Little Richard`s whole tenure on the label [link to updated page]

27 February 2020
Updates to the Little Richard "Live Dates" page:
- added three new dates: 11 October 1964 Olympia, Washington, 30 October 1964 Albuquerque, New Mexico & 29 March 1965 Top Hat Club, Los Angeles
- added a new date for the Byrds 2 April 1965 Ciro's Le Disc
- added confirmation that there indeed was a second Ciro's Le Disc booking 9-10 April1965
- added a speculative October 1964 Seattle, Washington date
- added more information about the supposed 1965 Long Pond Inn, Greenwood Lake gig. It seems yet more likely now that this gig indeed did take place but I still haven`t found a confirmed or even approximate date for it
[link to updated page]

15 January 2020
Added a page for the Rosa Lee Brooks surprise 1966 cover of Napoleon XIV`s "They`re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!" [link to new page]

10 January 2020
Added a November 1970 release date for the "No Such Animal" 45 to the Curtis Knight "1966 Studio Recordings" -page and the Timeline [link to updated page]

30 December 2019
Added a new "Recordings With Jimi Hendrix" artists-entry for the Jet Set (aka Arthur and Albert Allen) discussing the 1969 recording session for the original the Jet Set single "Mojo Man "from voodoo land"", the guitar overdub session by Jimi Hendrix in 1970 and the various mixes later created from the overdubbed master. [link to new page]

30 December 2019
Added a new discography entry for the Jet Set (aka Arthur and Albert Allen) 7" single "Mojo Man "from voodoo land"" on Rojac. This is the original 1970 single issued before Jimi added guitar overdubs to the track later in 1970. [link to new page]

22 December 2019
Added a new Don Covay -page which attempts to answer the question what "Glovon" and "Vonglo" were and why... [link to new page]

25 October 2019
Added a new Don Covay -page which clears up the mystery of who actually co-wrote "Mercy, Mercy" with Don Covay, Horace Ott or Ronald Miller. [link to new page]

20 October 2019
Added speculation about very suspicious similarities between "One Track Heart" by Elvis Presley and "Suey" by Jayne Mansfield to both the Elvis-page [link to updated page] and the Jayne Mansfield -page [link to updated page].

Also did a quick (and a bit rough) update of all Mansfield pages so that they now include information about the 2018 Suey-single that had been missing.

14 October 2019
Added an 8mm film from circa September 1963 to the timeline, the clip shows scenes from Broadway and a neon sign for Audio Fidelity Records [link to updated page]

3 October 2019
Small updates to the Isley Brothers "Recordings With Jimi Hendrix" -page including a more detailed breakdown of the lyrics for the lp version of "Have You Ever Been Disappointed". [link to updated page]

20 July 2019
Added an 18 October 1964 -date & a link to an image of the poster for the gig on the Little Richard "live dates" -page. Jimi wasn`t playing in the band yet. The poster was auctioned in 2018 for a stunning amount of money, $6,490 ! [link to updated page]

24 May 2019
Added a new page, Curtis Knight Live Dates, this compiles a list of all documented Curtis Knight -gigs. The page of course includes well known old favorites but also a previously unseen ad for the Lighthouse Cafe -gigs. And a completely new March 1966 -date at the Eighth Wonder in New York City as well as lot`s of corrections and additions to the already known dates. And yet another name that the band appeared under is revealed... [link to new page]

21 May 2019
I wrote down some of my speculations about the introduction for the Curtis Knight & Jimi Hendrix -version of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" [link to updated page]

22 March 2019
Small update to the "fake" Lonnie Youngblood (actually Herman Hitson) -songs page. I had "Good Times [aka Let Me Thrill Your Soul]" as being based on "Come On" by Earl King. It probably uses lyrics from "Let The Good Times Roll" by Shirley & Lee instead but apart from two lines of text there is no further similarity. [link to updated page]

6 March 2019
Added a confirmed date for the 1964 Colorado Springs Little Richard gig and an image of the poster for the concert [link to updated page]

5 March 2019
I thought it was going to take a lot of work to sort out the Little Richard Apollo date & pictures -problem but I got lucky. The booking was for Friday 4 December - Sunday 13 December 1964, most likely Jimi was not yet in the band.
The support acts included the Marvelettes and Patti LaBelle & the Blue Belles, among others, and this is where the Getty Image -pictures originate from. Read more about it on the "Live Dates" -page. [link to updated page]

4 March 2019
I`ve never been able to find any evidence for a Little Richard (with Jimi Hendrix) gig at the Apollo though Robert Penniman claimed there was one. So I had to search for it the hard way by going through every daily Apollo ad published between 1 April 1965 - 31 August 1965. The result? No Little Richard gigs at the Apollo (with Hendrix, that is). This is the short version, read more about this on the Little Richard "Live Dates" -page and try to solve the puzzle of the Marvelettes pictures taken at the Apollo with Little Richard and the Royal Company -equipment on stage behind the band... [link to updated page]

4 March 2019
Added a new TV appearance for Little Richard, 25 April 1965 on the Clay Cole Show [link to updated page]

4 March 2019
Small update on the 8mm film of the Hollies at the Paramount Theatre. The emblem on stage that I couldn`t make out is "KC" which of course stands for King Curtis. [link to new page]

25 January 2019
Added information about an 8mm film of the Hollies at the Paramount Theatre in New York City filmed in (16th?) April 1965. This may or may not have been shot on a date when Little Richard (with Jimi Hendrix on guitar) was on the same bill and there may or may not be more film from the same date - looking for answers to these questions... [link to new page]

20 January 2019
Added Monti Rock III and the Velvet Underground to the line-up of the Cheetah 27 April 1966 -opening party [link to updated page]

18 January 2019
Added a new page on the site, "Jimi Hendrix and Cheetah". Jimi played at the hip new Cheetah nightclub in New York City with three different bands in the period May-June 1966. At one of these gigs he was spotted by Linda Keith, which eventually led to his "discovery" by Chas Chandler so this is a crucial period in Hendrix history.

"Jimi Hendrix and Cheetah" gives background information on the club, details the bookings that Jimi had and attempts (and fails) to list all of the bands that played there in the period of April 1966 - September 1966. [link to new page]

17 November 2018
Updated the Ricky Mason -section with new information about the track "I Need You Every Day". The title that this was released under is incorrect, the song is actually called "Sick And Tired", full details on the updated "Recordings With Jimi Hendrix" -page. [link to updated page]

30 October 2018
Part 2 of the review of the new Jayne Mansfield / Ricky Mason 45 from Experience Hendrix / Sundazed. This time I review the A side with "Suey" by Jayne Mansfield. It will be necessary to rewrite quite a large chunk of the Mansfield pages but that will follow later... [link to new page]

6 October 2018
Added an Artists-section for Ricky Mason. This includes background information, a discography listing, recording details and a review of the Ricky Mason side of the new Sundazed 45 [link to new page]

28 September 2018
Updated the Isley Brothers (with Jimi Hendrix) discography, lot`s of new information about the release dates and different pressings added. If you can help with any of the missing label scans and/or matrix numbers please let me know (that is if you own the disc and can scan it yourself - I don`t want to use pictures taken from the net). [link to updated page]

15 September 2018
Added more details about the two Isley Brothers 45s, "The Last Girl / Looking For A Love" & "Simon Says / Wild As A Tiger" which have been claimed to feature Hendrix. Every listener can make up his/her own mind as to who is playing guitar on the songs but comparing the recording session info with Jimi`s known movements around the time of the studio dates strongly suggests that he was not involved. [link to updated page]

13 September 2018
Added an Artists-entry for Steve Cropper (Booker T. & the MGs). This details the Cropper / Hendrix meeting at Stax (which has a well known "Mercy, Mercy" / Don Covay -connection) [link to new page]

8 September 2018
Added an entry to the "Timeline" for 16 December 1967:
Television Centre (BBC), London, UK
Jimi is photographed backstage waiting to perform for "Top Of The Pops" by the Daily Mirror with a copy of the UK "Hush Now" 45. Apparently someone, the photographer one assumes, took an advance copy with them as the promotional version of the 45 has the release date noted as 20 December 1967, 4 days after the taking of these shots. Date taken from Jimi Hendrix Lifelines. [link to updated page]

3 September 2018
Updated the King Curtis discography: added more precise release dates for "Instant Groove" 45 & LP, pressing plant details for the 3 different US Atco pressings of the single and various small updates and corrections [link to updated page]

28 august 2018
Two more Elvis updates, for those starting to despair this is all of the Elvis (for now) that I still had in store... I added a picture and a video of the 1957 Sick`s Stadium gig poster and I watched the 1963 "It Happened At The World`s Fair" -film and wrote a bit of text about that one. [link to updated page]

23 august 2018
Added a new Don Covay page discussing the studio used to record "Mercy, Mercy" as I`ve found evidence that, unlike believed so far, the location actually wasn`t A-1 Sound Studios Inc. [link to updated page]

20 august 2018
Two small additions to the "Jimi And Elvis" -article. I originally wrote "As far as I can recall Jimi never mentioned Elvis in interviews" but I have now came across a quote which I`ve added to the text. It comes from the Jimi Hendrix Experience Royal Albert Hall February 1969 concert programme notes by Tony Palmer:

"You`ve got to be progressive, " he says, "Take Presley. He`s still got plenty of fans, but the only progress he´s made is on his bank statement."
So, no glowing praise from Jimi for Elvis in 1969. The December 1968 "comeback" tv special where Elvis "returned to his roots" was probably at least partly the reason for Jimi`s unfavorable comments.

The second update is for the track "I Need Your Lovin` ". Elvis doesn`t have a song with this title though it is listed in the drawing that Leon and Jimi made. I speculated that they may have been thinking about "I Need Your Lovin` " by Conway Twitty.
After I first published the article Stephen Galvin emailed me with the following comment: "it should be noted that Elvis’ version of “That’s All Right” includes the line “I need your lovin’ “ toward the end of the song, and it may have received modest radio play as the single was repressed and made available by RCA after they bought out Elvis’ contract from Sun late 1955". [link to updated page]

17 august 2018
Added a confirmed release date for the King Curtis "Instant Groove" 45 [link to updated page]

15 august 2018
Added details of two singles (one or both of which inspired "Power of Soul) to the Timeline:

January / February 1956
Ray Charles 45 "Drown In My Own Tears / Mary Ann" (Atlantic 45-1085)

February 1959
King Curtis 45 "Castle Rock / Chili" (Atco 45-6135)
[link to updated page]

14 august 2018
A little trivia update, the "familiar riff" that I heard in "Knock Yourself Out" has been ID`d as "I Got You (I Feel Good)" by James Brown. More details and sound samples on the Curtis Knight 1966 Studio -page [link to updated page]

13 august 2018
Added details of three "Where The Action Is!" TV broadcasts from November - December 1965 that feature Little Richard, including a video of a playback performance of

"I Don't Know What You've Got But It's Got Me" [link to updated page]

19 december 2017
A new timeline entry... I`m very fond of trivia like this. It seems everyone in the English speaking world is aware of the song "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever" but I wasn`t, I always thought Jimi was just quoting a proverb but he was actually referring to a song...

September 1965
The Robert Goulet 45 "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever / Come Back To Me, My Love" (Columbia 4-43394) is released ahead of the Broadway opening of the musical "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever". The play opened at the Mark Hellinger Theater at 1655 Broadway on the 16th (or 17th) of October in 1965, a few meters and weeks away from the first PPX session at 1650 Broadway. Jimi name checks the song during the introduction to "Room Full Of Mirrors" at his 25 April 1970 The Forum concert. The theme of the two songs is the same but there is little actual direct resemblance between the two apart from Jimi singing the line "love come shine over the mountains, love come shine over the sea" in "Room Full Of Mirrors" which is quite close in spirit to the line "you`ll feel part of every mountain, sea and shore" in "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu1ZJMLVGHk

18 december 2017
A big Jayne Mansfield update:
John McDermott of Experience Hendrix has confirmed that Jimi does indeed play on "Suey" so I have changed Jayne`s status to "confirmed". The discography has been updated with a picture of the "As The Clouds Drift By" -acetate [link to updated page], the session info on the "Recordings" -page has been updated [link to updated page] and the main artist text for Jayne has been largely rewritten with new session details, new information about recording contracts and a contemporary newspaper mention about Jayne planning to record for PPX. I suggest you read the whole thing again - or for the first time [link to updated page]

17 december 2017

Added a more specific release date and a Cash Box review for the "Hornet`s Nest" 45 [link to updated page]

10 september 2017
Updated the Little Richard "Live Dates" -page with 2 October 1964 (cancelled) and 4 October 1964 -dates (Jimi most likely wasn`t in the band yet) [link to updated page]

10 september 2017

Updated the Don Covay & The Goodtimers "Mercy!" -lp entry, both the stereo and mono mix were released in January 1965 [link to updated page]

4 july 2017
Major update to the Little Richard "Live Dates" -page: added new dates, gig ad newsclippings, a poster, promotional pictures and made several corrections to the text [link to updated page]

4 july 2017
Updated the 1650 Broadway -page with a new entry, Queen Booking Corporation which booked gigs for Little Richard [link to updated page]

15 april 2017
Added a review of the new Dagger Records Curtis Knight -cd "Live At George`s Club 20" [link to new page]

12 april 2017
Timeline updates: added the release dates for all Bob Dylan 45s & lps issued between 1962-1966, this gives some perspective on which Bob Dylan songs Jimi would possibly have heard where and when for the first time. Also added new info for the September 1966 the Blue Flame -dates and various other small additions and corrections. [link to updated page]

10 march 2017
I've rewritten the Curtis Knight live recordings page. A word of warning, a large part of the page will more than likely be rewritten again once the new "Live At George’s Club 20" cd release comes out so you may waste your time reading it all now...unless you want to "warm up". [link to updated page]

17 february 2017
After a bit of a break again more information added to the Jimi and Elvis -page including a comment from Leon Hendrix, details of an Ed Sullivan Show TV broadcast from 1957 and a mention of an Elvis film partially shot in Seattle in 1962 (more information to follow later once I get to see the film) [link to updated page]

9 march 2016
Added more information (including an unconfirmed setlist) about the 1957 Elvis Presley Seattle concert to the Jimi and Elvis -page [link to updated page]

29 february 2016
Added a page about Jimi Hendrix and Elvis Presley [link to new page]

1 february 2016
Added a page about PVC outer sleeves that destroy your vinyl records. Not really about Hendrix but as many record collectors read the site I consider it to be a quite relevant subject [link to new page]

26 july 2015
Complete rewrite of the whole Lonnie Youngblood section - which was way overdue as a lot of the text dated from circa 2001. With lot's of new information and corrections some of it even makes sense now. [link to updated page]

10 april 2015
Added a review for the cd "You Can't Use My Name" [link to new page]

20 february 2015
An almost instant correction to the new Titans 45 info: I received label scans for the single, the correct artist credit is "The Titans with Roy and Sonny" and "Lonesome Mood" was the A-side of the single with "Blues For Dee" on the B-side. Also added a YouTube link for the A-side and information about the other players on the record.  [link to updated page]

20 february 2015
Added information and label scans for a new Curtis Knight solo single to the discography, "Baby That's Where It's At / You Don't Have To Tell Me" (no Hendrix involvement) [link to updated page]

20 february 2015
Updated the information for the Bobby Keene: "Angel Or Devil / Gotta Go To School" -single (no Hendrix involvement) in the Curtis Knight discography, as previously speculated but now confirmed the B-side was co-written by Curtis Knight [link to updated page]

20 february 2015
Added information about a new the Titans single "Blues For Dee /  Lonesome Mood" (no Hendrix involvement) to the Curtis Knight discography [link to updated page]

12 february 2015
Added information about the track "Hot Potato" by the Rinkydinks to the entry for "Soul food (That's a What I Like)" by Lonnie Youngblood. Both tracks share the same riff as does "(I Wonder) What It Takes" by the Icemen. An audio sample of all three tracks is also included [link to updated page]

23 october 2014
Added a page about the Coasters [link to new page]

16 october 2014
Added a new page for the Little Richard live dates [link to new page]

9 october 2014
Added an acetate of "As The Clouds Drift By" to the Jayne Mansfield discography [link to updated page]

11 april 2014
A rewrite of the Little Richard live tape -page with some new information about the location and date [link to updated page]

7 april 2014
The EarlyHendrix Facebook-page is now open: www.facebook.com/EarlyHendrix

3 april 2014
Added a 27 January 1966 newspaper ad for Jayne Mansfield's "French Dressing" -revue appearances and amended the date for the shows to January - March 1966 (see sources at the bottom of the page for more info) [link to updated page]

5 march 2014
I discovered that the site's search tool was broken, it's working again now.

10 february 2014
Three more fake Hendrix tracks identified,  "Feel That Soul", "Be My Baby" & "Everything You Get" were originally recordings by the Ohio Players & the Chosen Few [link to updated page]

8 february 2014
Added an artist-section for Jayne Mansfield mainly consisting of a long discussion on whether or not Jimi played on "Suey". [link to new page]

8 february 2014
Updated the Jayne Mansfield discography with new information [link to updated page]

8 february 2014
A pretty much complete re-write of the 1965 Curtis Knight studio recordings -page with a lot of new information [link to updated page]

8 february 2014
Several additions and corrections to the 1966 Curtis Knight studio recordings -page  [link to updated page]

8 february 2014
Several additions and corrections to the 1967 Curtis Knight studio recordings -page  [link to updated page]

8 february 2014
Updated the Curtis Knight intro page with a big chunk of new details about his pre-Hendrix career [link to updated page]

8 february 2014
Added "I Ain't Taking Care Of No Business" to the Curtis Knight demos - page. [link to updated page]

8 february 2014
Updated the release date of the "Hornet's Nest / Knock Yourself Out" 45 [link to updated page]

8 february 2014
Added a new Curtis Knight -section titled "Other PPX Artists", this page details some of the other artists that recorded for PPX [link to updated page]

8 february 2014
Added a new Curtis Knight -section titled "PPX backing tracks". Before (and for sometime after) he signed Hendrix Chalpin was in the business of recording backing tracks of hit songs for artist abroad to overdub their own vocals on, some of these recordings are listed on this page with hopefully more to come. [link to new page]

8 february 2014
Updated the information about the shots of the Squires at the Cheetah Club in May 1966 and added information about the club, support act the Denims and a link to a 1967 documentary about the club [link to updated page]

14 october 2013
Added two new pictures to the Curtis Knight & the Squires George's Club 20 -page [link to updated page]

25 may 2013
Corrected the date of the Little Richard concert at the Fillmore Auditorium listed in the timeline to 21 February 1965 [link to updated page]

27 nov 2012
As a little 70th anniversary special added an artist-entry for The Dealers and details about a new 45 with possible Hendrix involvement, You Got It by The Dealers. [link to new page]

27 nov 2012
Added a discography-entry for a new 45 with possible Hendrix involvement, You Got It by The Dealers. [link to new page]

5 oct 2012
Additions and corrections to the Curtis Knight & the Squires publicity pictures -page [link to updated page]

2 oct 2012
Completely updated the Curtis Knight & the Squires publicity pictures -page with info about the photographer Maurice Seymour [link to updated page]

2 oct 2012
Added a DJ copy of the "You're Only Hurting Yourself" 45 to the Jimmy Norman discography [link to updated page]

29 sep 2012
Site problems - short version:
There were some technical problems, most have been fixed now and the rest will be repaired shortly.

Site problems - long & technical version:
The hosting company GoDaddy upgraded their php version from 4 to 5. The site was build with Joomla 1.5 and wasn't compatible with php 5. Instead of trying to fix that I decided to migrate to Joomla 2.5 but that didn't go smoothly at all, the migration tools dropped half of the database and the other half turned up empty. Sorting all of that out took awhile, most of the site should now work ok again. Some internal links are probably still broken and as I had to rename some files I need to do some redirects but I will clean those up asap.

13 aug 2012
Corrections & additions to the explanatory notes for "The Dirty Tape" [link to updated page]

3 jun 2012
Added a whole new section to the site, "Locations". At the moment this includes two pages, one about the building at 1650 Broadway and another with important NYC locations mapped to Google Earth [link to new section]

3 jun 2012
Big batch of corrections & additions to the song titles, composers and release dates of the original versions of Curtis Knight & the Squires live tracks [link to updated page]

19 apr 2012
Small additions and corrections to the Curtis Knight Intro [link to updated page]

15 feb 2012
Updated & corrected the release date info for the Don Covay US 45s & LP [link to updated page]

13 feb 2012
Updated the Lonnie Youngblood Fakes-entry, two original versions of the "One channel" songs have been identified as the Ohio Players [link to updated page]

3 feb 2012
Updated the Buddy & Stacy Musicians-entry [link to updated page]

13 feb 2012
Changed the release dates of the Icemen and Jimmy Norman Samar 45s [link to updated page]

1 feb 2012
I've added several updates & corrections to the Timeline over the last year or so [link to updated page]

1 feb 2012
Added release date info to the Ray Sharpe Help Me 45 -entry [link to updated page]

10 jan 2012
Added a missing Curtis Knight 1965 studio picture. Anyone have this in better (less over exposed) quality? [link to updated page]

22 may 2011
A small correction to Owen Grey Recordings [link to updated page]

20 jan 2011
Updated the Little Richard recordings -page with more specific info about Bernard Purdie's involvement [link to updated page]

20 jan 2011
Updated the composer info for "Welcome Home". Despite being originally credited to Curtis Knight this track is actually an almost straight copy of a song called "You Messed up a Good Thing", see the revised "Welcome Home" 1965 studio recording entry for details [link to updated page]

17 sep 2010
Added a confirmed release date of June 1968 for the Billy LaMont "Sweet Thang" 45 [link to updated page] 

17 sep 2010
Added a confirmed release date of April 1966 for the Curtis Knight "How Would You Feel" 45 [link to updated page]

17 sep 2010
Added confirmed release dates for all 4 "pre-Hendrix" Curtis Knight solo singles [link to updated page] 

16 sep 2010
A rewrite of the Mr. Wiggles -section which now includes some corrections and a complete transcription of "The Dirty Tape" [link to updated pages]

8 jul 2010
Updated the Rosa Lee Brooks discography with a confirmed June 1965 release date [link to updated page] for the My Diary 7", update the page about the year of recording  [link to updated page] and revised the studio & personelle -info [link to updated page]

7 mar 2010
Updated the Curtis Knight intro -page with new information about several pre-1965 recordings by Curtis Knight (with no Hendrix involvement) as a member of the Titans and the Ink Spots [link to updated page]

1 feb 2010
Updated the Curtis Knight 1967 studio sessions page with some text corrections and information about the instrument that the unknown guitarist played during the 17 July jam session [link to updated page]

25 jan 2010
New info about the fake Youngblood track "Young Generation" [link to updated page]

4 may 2009
Updated the Curtis Knight Timeline [link to updated page]

4 may 2009
Added a short Artists-entry for Ike & Tina Turner
[link to new page]

14 feb 2009
Added a rough timeline for the various line-ups of Curtis Knight & the Squires
[link to new page]

11 feb 2009
The whole site has now been redone using a different system ("Joomla!" for those interested in technical bits). While at it I added a "search" -function. The button is at the bottom of the menu on the right, should make it a bit easier & faster to find what you are looking for.

19 may 2008
A big update. There are two new records added, a Lenny Howard 45 titled "Keep The Faith, Baby" and a George Scott lp, "Find Someone To Love". Both feature new previously unknown versions of "Sweet Thang" aka "Wipe The Sweat". Consequently the whole Lonnie Youngblood -section has been updated, biggest change being in the recordings where I introduced a new section, "backing tracks", to try and make some sense in the listings.
[link to updated / new page]

The George Scott -lp also has a track called "I'm a Fool For You" on it, this is another version of the track better known as "Gonna Take A Lot" aka "It's Gonna Take A Lot To Bring Me Back Baby". Updated the info in the Lonnie Youngblood fakes section, the track is still listed as "fake" for the time being. Though it is possible that Hendrix actually could be playing on it (and the version with female vocals might be sung by Gloria Barnes), it remains to be sorted out.
[link to updated page]

Also added discography & artist entries for both George Scott & Lenny Howard
Lenny Howard discography & artists -entries
George Scott discography & artists -entries

And updated the Billy LaMont artists -entry
[link to updated page]

8 may 2008
Updated the Curtis Knight & the Squires "Hornet's Nest" RSVP 45 info with a confirmed year of release (1966) plus added a link to the RCA pressing plant dating system
[link to updated page]

8 may 2008
Updated the Curtis Knight "Ain't Gonna Be No Next Time" RSVP 45 info with a confirmed year of release (1965) plus added a link to the RCA pressing plant dating system
[link to updated page]

8 may 2008
Added scans & info of a third version of the Curtis Knight "How Would You Feel" RSVP 45 plus added a link to the RCA pressing plant dating system
[link to updated page]

1 may 2008
Added a German release (with a picture sleeve!) of the Pata Pata 45 to the Atlantic Sounds -discography.
[link to updated page]

1 may 2008
Added another label variation (version 4 already) of the US release of the Pata Pata 45 to the Atlantic Sounds -discography & corrected some mistakes in the older listings.
[link to updated page]

21 apr 2008
Upgraded to better quality scans of the Rosa Lee Brooks stock label 45.
[link to updated page]

20 apr 2008
Added scans of the labels of a promo "Sweet Thang"45 to the Billy LaMont -discography, this one has a different design to the one already listed.
[link to updated page]

19 apr 2008
New lay-out for the site

25 feb 2008
Added an entry for Mr. Wiggles and a rundown of "The Dirty Tape"
[link to new section]

27 nov 2007
Added info to the "Night Train" -section.

08 nov 2007
Updated the Buddy & Stacy personnel info (Glen Willings added)

06 nov 2007
Added a Percy Sledge -section

06 nov 2007
Added a basic Little Richard section, updates are sure to follow later

20 oct 2007
1966 concerts at the Lighthouse and Cafe Wha? added to the timeline

19 oct 2007
Updated the Don Covay recordings-page with some new information

28 sep 2007
Buddy & Stacy section updated with their real names
and a link to Buddy's current website

26 sep 2007
Added lot's of info about the program "Night Train" plus additional bits an pices, check the whole Buddy & Stacy / "Night Train" -section

07 may 2007
Corrected "Night Train" studio info

27 nov 2006
Added a placeholder for the King Curtis Instant Groove -lp

18 aug 2006
Added scan of a white label Covay 45 and updated info

28 jul 2006
Added a scan of the stock UK Mansfield 45

15 jun 2006
Added a scan of the back of the French Mansfield 45 pic sleeve

12 jun 2006
Added a scan of the green colour variation of the Frank Howard & the Commanders "I'm So Glad" 45 label

12 jun 2006
Added a scan of the French picture sleeve for the
Jayne Mansfield Suey 45

12 jun 2006
The site has not been updated for quite a while and most emails have gone unanswered. My apologies for this, the hosting had to be renewed and I took the opportunity to change the hosting company at the same time which didn't go quite as planned. Access to email has been on and off and some emails have probably gotten lost altogether. If you did email me in the past 6 months and never got a reply please send another mail, I might have not received the message you send at all.

The site is back now on a new server by a company that I know provides a good stable service so everything should be back to normal...

09 dec 2005
After some serious downtime the site is up again...

04 nov 2005
Updated the Youngblood fakes section

26 oct 2005
Added a basic "artists" -entry for Chuck Jackson

26 oct 2005
Added a basic "artists" -entry for Joey Dee and the Starliters

19 may 2005
Update to the Buddy & Stacey discography

24 mar 2005
Additions to the Fairmount release date info

24 mar 2005
Added scan of a Youngblood 45

21 feb 2005
Added a page about the Curtis Knight demos

20 feb 2005
Corrections to the 1967 Curtis Knight pictures info

20 feb 2005
Corrections and additions to the 1967 Curtis Knight recordings

18 feb 2005
Corrections & additions to the Squires picture-section

18 feb 2005
Added scans of a 1992 Curtis Knight bio

18 feb 2005
Added a 45 scan & info to the Aretha Franklin discography

18 feb 2005
Added scans of two Owen Grey 45s

17 feb 2005
Updated info for "Hornet's Nest"

16 feb 2005
Added a page about Mike Rashkow, Ed Chalpin & Sam Chalpin.

16 feb 2005
Major updates & corrections to the Curtis Knight 1965 & 1966 recordings- and Timeline-entries.

26 nov 2004
Corrections & additions to the Buddy & Stacy -entry

21 nov 2004
An "Artists" entry added for Buddy & Stacy.

21 nov 2004
Made additions to the Timeline for 6 oct 65, 9 oct 65, 3 nov 65 and 5 may 66 including links to pics of Jimi with King Curtis & Joey Dee

21 nov 2004
An "Artists" entry added for Frank Howard and the Commanders. Not much information yet, more will be added later.

20 sep 2004
Update to Knight live section, changed the title of "California Night" to "Travelin' To California" and added Albert King as the composer

13 sep 2004
Re-did the 1965 & 1966 Knight studio recording pages, several corrections & additions, and started on the 1967 studio recordings section

10 sep 2004
Several corrections & additions to the November 1964 - April 1965 period of the Timeline

10 sep 2004
Added scans & more details about the German release of the "As the clouds drift by" 45 to the Mansfield discography

15 jul 2004
Removed "Take 2 - Mix 2" of "Soul Food" from the Youngblood recordings, this isn't really a different mix, just an eq'd / poor quality version of the track

09 jul 2004
Updated the Curtis Knight info throughout the whole section, confirmed personnel now includes Ditto Edwards, Ace Hall & Harry Jensen

10 jun 2004
Added 2 ep's to the Aretha Franklin discography

10 jun 2004
Updated "news" with upcoming dvd-release info

08 mar 2004
Added a 2nd 45 scan to Frank Howard discography

07 mar 2004
Moved the Frank Howard 45 to the Confirmed -section

07 mar 2004
Added a scan of the Frank Howard 45 A-side

07 mar 2004
Additions & small corrections to the Timeline

07 mar 2004
Added Aretha Franklin to the Confirmed -section of the discography

07 mar 2004
Added an Artist -entry for Owen Grey

07 mar 2004
Updated the Ray Sharpe recordings -section

07 mar 2004
Added a Owen Grey 45 to confirmed discography

07 mar 2004
Added new label info & two 45 scans to Sharpe discography

01 jan 2004
Added list of Isleys UK tour dates to timeline

29 dec 2003
Added Isley Brother Artists entry pages

29 dec 2003
Added a timeline under "Overviews"

29 dec 2003
Addition to Ray Sharpe recording dates info

29 dec 2003
Added new section to site, "Overviews"

29 dec 2003
Removed the "Last Girl / Looking For A Love" 45, no Hendrix

24 nov 2003
Corrected info and added a new 45 to Youngblood fakes

23 oct 2003
Added Ondine's sound mixer's memoirs to live pics page

22 oct 2003
Corrected location & date info of Knight live pictures

04 oct 2003
Small addition to the Icemen recordings page

04 oct 2003
Changes to the Icemen intro page

29 aug 2003
Added a new cd release to Ray Sharpe recordings

27 jul 2003
Corrected the info about different mixes of "Groovemaker"

27 jul 2003
Added scans of My Diary promo 45

23 may 2003
Added updates to Youngblood fakes -section

15 may 2003
Updated the Youngblood fakes -section with new info

15 may 2003
Corrected captions for all Curtis Knight pictures

14 may 2003
Added pictures to the Nate Edmonds Jr. and Sharon Soul interview

14 may 2003
Corrections & additions to Youngblood recordings info

14 may 2003
Added info on Ed Dantes & Hank Anderson to Knight personnel

05 may 2003
Updated Curtis Knight 1966 studio info

03 may 2003
Added an interview with Nate Edmonds Jr. and Sharon Soul

03 may 2003
Added "Artists" -entries for Rosa Lee Brooks

03 may 2003
Changed the release date of the Rosa Lee Brooks 7"

13 apr 2003
Updated the latest Little Richard 45 discography addition info

13 apr 2003
Added a scan of a Curtis Knight autograph

28 mar 2003
Added matrix numbers for "Soul Food" 45s

08 mar 2003
Added a new Little Richard 45

15 feb 2003
Corrected the false personnel info of the Icemen

29 dec 2002
Added matrix numbers to Rosa Lee Brooks discography entry

28 dec 2002
Added PPX news

28 dec 2002
Updated the Frank Howard discography page

25 dec 2002
Updated info on the Skidmore Groovemaker 45

25 dec 2002
Re-wrote the Icemen intro page with new info

25 dec 2002
Added a theory about "Ed Dantes" on the Knight personnel page

25 dec 2002
Updated a Knight 1965 studio pic caption

25 dec 2002
Updated a Knight 1967 studio pic caption

06 dec 2002
Added a 45 scan & updates to the Little Richard discography

06 dec 2002
Updated the Frank Howard and the Commanders page

06 dec 2002
Added info of a cover of Jimmy Norman's "Little old groovemaker"

15 sep 2002
Added Info of Hendrix mentioning "Help Me" in a (taped) interview

15 sep 2002
Samll changes to a part of the Lonnie Youngblood intro page

15 sep 2002
Added complete Don Covay "Mercy!" sessions listing

15 sep 2002
Added "Artists" -listing for the Atlantic Sounds

14 sep 2002
Added scan of Don Covay 45

13 sep 2002
Added scans of 3 King Curtis 45s and corrected matrix nr listings

25 jun 2002
Added scan of Squires Cheetah gig ad

25 jun 2002
Added scan of Atlantic Sounds promo 45

20 may 2002
Small addition to Knight "Voodoo woman" 45 -info

19 apr 2002
Added two new entries to the Mansfield discography

18 apr 2002
Re-write of the Youngblood dates & personnel -page

18 apr 2002
Re-write of the Youngblood intro page

18 apr 2002
Updates to the Jimmy Norman recordings -entry

18 apr 2002
Added an discography entry for King Curtis & the Kingpins

05 apr 2002
Added scan of Moods-lp to Youngblood fakes-section

30 mar 2002
Added a promo 45 scan to LaMont discography & updated text

12 mar 2002
Pictures added to Curtis Knight artist -entry

12 mar 2002
Several corrections & additions to all Curtis Knight pages

12 mar 2002
Artist -entry for Ray Sharpe added

16 dec 2001
Revised the Youngblood fakes page

16 dec 2001
Revised the Don Covay artists -entry

16 dec 2001
Corrected release date in Rosa Lee Brooks discography -entry

16 dec 2001
Corrected release dates in Little Richard discography -entry

16 dec 2001
Added scans of a picture sleeve 45 to Mansfield discography

16 dec 2001
Added scans of the "Mercy!" lp covers to Covay discography

16 dec 2001
Removed "Take this hurt off me" from the Covay discography

10 dec 2001
Added scans of Jimmy Norman 45

09 dec 2001
Updated Jimmy Norman discography entry

02 dec 2001
Added "Discography" -entry for Jimmy Norman 45

02 dec 2001
Added "Artists" -entry for the Icemen

02 dec 2001
Added "Discography" -entry for the Icemen 45

26 oct 2001
Update to Sam Williams info in the Youngblood fakes -section

30 sep 2001
Update to Lonnie Youngblood fakes -section

27 sep 2001
Added scans of 3 45s to the Isley Brothers discography -section

23 sep 2001
Added info to Frank Howard discography -section

15 sep 2001
Added release dates for 45s in Curtis Knight artists -section intro

10 sep 2001
Additions to Youngblood fakes -section

10 sep 2001
Changes to Youngblood dates & personnel -section

10 sep 2001
Changed the release dates (again) of the Youngblood 7"s

06 sep 2001
Added release date for LaMont 7"

06 sep 2001
Added Sam Williams 45 info to Youngblood fakes

06 sep 2001
Removed "Win your love" from Youngblood recordings

06 sep 2001
Removed "She's a fox" from Youngblood recordings

24 aug 2001
"Something you got" info added to Youngblood fakes

24 aug 2001
More changes to Curtis Knight Artists -pages

23 aug 2001
Major revisions and additions to Curtis Knight Artists -pages

10 aug 2001
Slight changes to Mansfield discography info

10 aug 2001
Added scan of 45 to Mansfield discography

10 aug 2001
Added scan of 45 to Youngblood discography

10 aug 2001
Added scan of 45 to Atlantic Sounds discography

30 jul 2001
Corrections to the Youngblood discography -section

30 jul 2001
Corrections to the Youngblood dates & personnel -section

30 jul 2001
Corrections to the Youngblood recordings -section

30 jul 2001
Added "Move Over" 7" scans & updates to Isleys discography

30 jul 2001
Edited the "confirmed artists" -list

08 jul 2001
Added new info on the Youngblood singles release dates

30 jun 2001
Added scans of 2 Don Covay singles + info updates

06 jun 2001
Small update to Curtis Knight single

06 jun 2001
Small update on Don Covay singles

06 jun 2001
Updated info for Don Covay Funky Yo Yo -lp

06 jun 2001
Updated 1966 sessions by Curtis Knight

05 jun 2001
Beginnings for the Curtis Knight "Artists" -entry

23 may 2001
Update to "Gangster of love" info

09 may 2001
Small addition to "mercy, mercy" writing credits

09 may 2001
Updated the confirmed artists list

09 may 2001
Updated the unconfirmed artists list

01 may 2001
Removed text about Ohio Players, added reference to Jimmy Castor

01 may 2001
Scans of A&B sides of Covay "Mercy, mercy" -7"

01 may 2001
Scans of A&B sides of Knight "Ain't gonna be no next time" -7"

30 apr 2001
Started doing the Don Covay "artists" entry

30 apr 2001
Moved "Mercy!"-lp & "Mercy, mercy"-7" to confirmed discography

30 apr 2001
Added "Take this hurt off me"-7" to Covay discography

23 apr 2001
Added composing credits to "Mercy!" & "Funky yo-yo"

20 apr 2001
Added tracklist for Covay lp

17 apr 2001
Addition of a pic & some info on Curtis Knight

06 apr 2001
Small addition to Herman Hitson singles

06 apr 2001
Added mention of a Brantley produced Scene Club '68 disc