Thank you Dirk Serneels from Belgium for the tip off on the existence of this single.

Lenny Howard may have been a pseudonym for Ollie Jones - it's a long and complex tale that you can read about on the Lenny Howard Intro -page.

Released in USA
Titles: Keep The Faith, Baby / Darlin'
- 7"single
Keep The Faith, Baby - Lonnie Youngblood, O.Jones
Darlin' - Ed Johnson
Producers side A: Johnny Brantley and Lonnie Youngblood
Producer side B: Johnny Brantley
Release date: February? 1967
Label: Real George
Catalog number: 501

The 28 January 1967 issue of Record World reported:
"Amy took the title of the Adam Clayton Powell saying "Keep the Faith Baby" with Lenny Howard"

The single, however, eventually did not come out on Amy, a record label based in New York City. Instead it was issued on Real George, a label that seems to have been a one off as there are no other Real George singles to be found. So it may be that the deal with Amy fell through and Johnny Brantley instead released the single on a label specially created for it?

According to urbandictionary.com the phrase "real george" stands for "cool, fresh, outta sight. Very common in the early 1950s".

Side A

Side B