Released in USA
Title: Funky Yo-Yo -lp

Side A
Yo-Yo (Part 1) - (Don Covay)
I Don't Think I Can Make It - (Don Covay)
Three Time Loser - (Don Covay, Ronald Miller)
An Ugly Woman (Is Twice As Sweet) - (Don Covay)

Side B
Yo-Yo (Part 2) - (Don Covay)
Love Is Sweeter On The Other Side - (Don Covay)
You Can't Get Something For Nothing - (Don Covay)
Your Love Has Got To Me - (Don Covay)
Producer: Don Covay
Release date: late 1977
Label: Versatile
Catalog number: NED 1123

Don Covay - Funky Yo Yo

In the analog days Don Covay`s 1977 album Funky Yo-Yo was rare and hard to find. And the original lp still is but nowadays there are several ways to obtain a re-issue.

The current rights holder seems to be the Unidisc label based in Canada. The company sells the album in digital and physical formats and is also offers it on streaming services Spotify and YouTube Music.

The original lp is titled Funky Yo Yo on the sleeve and Funky Yo-Yo (with a hyphen) on the labels. Versatile who released the lp was a short lived company only issuing records between 1977-1980. A test pressing of the original vinyl issue offered for sale on eBay in 2018 has the date "7-21-77" written on the label suggesting a late 1977 release.

See the Don Covay -section for a more detailed breakdown of this lp.