This has sometimes been included in the tracks that feature Hendrix. The catalog number pre-dates the two RSVP Curtis Knight singles that Hendrix is known to have played on, the producer is not Ed Chalpin or Jerry Simon like on other recordings featuring Hendrix and it was released in April 1965 whereas the singles involving Hendrix came out in 1966 so it most likely was recorded long before Hendrix joined Curtis Knight's band.

Released in USA
Titles: Ain't Gonna Be No Next Time / More Love - 7" single

Ain't Gonna Be No Next Time - (Curtis Knight)
More Love - (Curtis Knight)
Producers: Harold Thomas, Peter Orna
Release date: April 1965
Label: RSVP
Catalog number: RSVP 1111

The single was pressed by RCA, it can be dated by the matrix numbers, all pressings done in 1965 start with a "S", see

Exists in (at least) 2 different versions:

  1. Stock copy
    (No picture available, must exist though)
  2. With text: "D.J. Copy Not For Sale"
    Matrix A:
    S4KM-4439-1 R
    Matrix B:
    S4KM-4440-1 R