Released in USA
Titles: How Would You Feel / Welcome Home - 7" single

How Would You Feel - (Curtis Knight)
Welcome Home - (Curtis Knight)
Arranged by: Jimi Hendrix
Producer: Ed Chalpin - PPX Ent. Studio 76
Release date: April 1966
Label: RSVP
Catalog number: RSVP 1120

The single was mentioned in the Billboard magazine April 16, 1966 issue under "Spotlights - Predicted to reach the R&B SINGLES Chart" so it had just been released at the time.

The single was pressed by RCA, it can also be dated by the matrix numbers, all pressings done in 1966 start with a "T", see

Exists in (at least) 3 different versions, same label design
with different text & matrix numbers:

  1. Stock copy
    Matrix A:
    T4KM-4245--2 R
    Matrix B:
    T4KM-4246--2 R
  2. "D.J. Copy Not For Sale"
    Matrix A:
    T4KM-4245--2 R
    Matrix B:
    T4KM-4246--2 R
  3. Stock copy
    Label text printed with a different font
    Matrix A:
    T4KM-4245-2A H
    Matrix B:
    T4KM-4246-2A H

Version 1

Version 1 Side A

Version 1 Side B

Version 2

Version 2 Side A

Version 2 Side B

Version 3

Version 3 Side A

Version 3 side B