The 45 recording date
The year of recording has been stated as 1964 or 1965 depending on who you ask. 1965 is very likely the correct one. There is nothing to indicate that Hendrix would have been in Los Angeles in early 1964, whereas several facts prove the year very likely to be 1965:

- a postcard exists written by Jimi himself in January 1965 on which he writes that he's playing with Little Richard and they are heading for Los Angeles. So Jimi was in the Los Angeles area sometime in February-April 1965

- Arthur Lee said that when he met Hendrix he was playing with Little Richard

- Billboard magazine announced the release of the single in the 5 June 1965 issue:
"Malynn Products is releasing singles by four small Los Angeles labels - Enduca, Revis, Trudel and Money. Artists include Jimmy Nichols on Enduca; Rosa Lee Brooks, Revis; Chris Myers, Trudel, and Betty Swan and the Larks on Money". It is unlikely (but of course not impossible) that the tracks would have been recorded in early 1964 like often suggested but released only more than 12 months later in 1965.

The Jerk
The B-side of the 45, "Utee" includes a reference to dancing "The Jerk". "The Jerk" was released by the Los Angeles based group the Larks in October(?)  1964.

The 45 "The Jerk / Forget Me" on Money 106 was reviewed in Billboard October 17, 1964 under "Singles Reviews - Hot Pop Spotlights" and the November 21, 1964 issue run an ad proclaiming "Just Released Nationally - and already a hit in the Los Angeles Market!". So "Utee" would have to have been recorded after October 1964.

The Revis single references quoted:

The Rosaletts and the Kinfolk Orchestra - Do You Wanna Dance (Revis 1012)
" Can you do the jerk, let me see you work"

Rosa Lee Brooks - Utee (Revis 1013)
" Can you do the jerk and you look so fine"

The original lyrics by the Larks:

The Larks - The Jerk (released around October 1964)
" Work it out,right on time
Everybodys got the beat,hey look at me
Doin' the jerk,yeah,now watch me work
Girl,now do the jerk, hey ,do the jerk"

And other tracks of relevance where "The Jerk" pops up:

Little Richard - Dancing All Around the World (recorded during the first half of 1965)
" Now we are jerkin', we're gonna jerk all around the world, alright
The music got me jerkin' from my head down to my feet"

The Isley Brothers - Simon Says (recorded 29 Jan 1965)
" Simon said jerk, everybody work, everybody rock'n'roll, that's what Simon said"

The Isley Brothers - Move Over and Let Me Dance (recorded 5 Aug 1965)
" Come on babe, I wanna jerk and shout now"

Hendrix was on the West Coast during February - April 1965, after which time he returned to New York. The Rosa Lee Brooks single must have been recorded during this period and it was released in June 1965.