The real names behind the duo "Buddy & Stacy" (often spelled "Buddy and STACEY") were Buddy Travis (born Travis Johnson III) and Leroy “Stacy” Johnson Jr. While together the duo released (at least) two 45:

"A Thing Called Jealousy / Angel" (TWIRL 2018) 1966?
"Power Soul Power / Worry Worry" (RAID 1001) 19??

Buddy Travis - Jesus Is The Way

That's about everything that I've been able to find out about their recordings. If anyone has more discographical information or has more info of any kind it would be nice to hear from you...

Buddy Travis is nowadays a minister and sings gospel: http://buddytravis.com

His 2006 cd "Jesus Is The Way" is pictured left, order details can be found here.

As far as known Hendrix recorded with Buddy & Stacy only once, playing guitar during the tv show "Night Train", a WLAC-TV Channel 5 program filmed in Nashville, see "Recordings" and "Night Train Background" for more information.