This is an attempt to put the various line-ups of the Squires into a chronological order. The numbering is only used here to put these in a possible sequence, not to imply that this a the confirmed chronology.

To begin with there were at least two line-ups of the Squires of which no photo exists:

Band ?
vocals: Curtis Knight
guitar: Jimi Hendrix
bass: Harry Jensen
tambourine: Ace Hall
drums: George Braggs

This band is actually Don Covay's Goodtimers backing Curtis Knight. This line-up of the Squires (if they indeed were called "the Squires" at this point) recorded amongs other live tracks a version of "Come On" where Jimi introduces the band as follows: "we got George on the drums, Harry
on the bass, Ace plays the tambourine...".

Another line up with no known photographs:

Band ?
vocals: Curtis Knight
rhythm guitar: Jimi Hendrix
lead guitar: Harry Jensen
bass: Ace Hall
drums: Ditto Edwards

Again, the personelle info comes from a live recording, this time introduced by Curtis Knight during "Outro Theme":
"Handsome Harry on lead guitar, good lookin Ditto on the drums, fabulous Jimmy James,
long tall handsome Ace on the bass, yours truly Curtis Knight"
The band is actually introduced as "The Lovelights" by Curtis Knight

Band 1
Jimi Hendrix - guitar
Ditto Edwards - drums
Curtis Knight - vocals
Lonnie Youngblood - sax & vocals
Ace Hall - bass

This is probably the earliest session of all of these pictures. Ditto Edwards & Lonnie Youngblood make their only appearance here, and Ace Hall is the bass player. Some of the "live" recordings were done by this band. I'd guess this photo was taken in 1965.

band 1
Jimi Hendrix, Ditto Edwards, Curtis Knight, Lonnie Youngblood, Ace Hall

Band 2
Jimi Hendrix - guitar
Marion Booker - drums
Curtis Knight - vocals
Ace Hall - bass

Marion Booker has replaced Ditto on the drums and Lonnie Youngblood has left the group.

band 2
Jimi Hendrix - guitar, Curtis Knight - guitar, Marion Booker - drums, Ace Hall - bass

band 3
Jimi Hendrix, Marion Booker (back), Curtis Knight (front), Ace Hall

Band 3
Jimi Hendrix - guitar
Marion Booker - drums
Curtis Knight - vocals
Napoleon (Hank) Anderson - bass
Nate Edmonds - keyboards

Ace Hall has been replaced by Napoleon (Hank) Anderson, and Nate Edmonds has been added to the line-up. The band is still wearing the same jackets as in the previous photo. This line-up was the one that signed a contract with RSVP in June 1966, so we are probably well in the year 1966.

band 4
Jimi Hendrix - guitar, Nate Edmonds - organ, Curtis Knight - guitar, Marion Booker - drums, Napoleon (Hank) Anderson - bass

Nate Edmonds can't be seen in the photo below but I believe that he probably was on stage, as he was playing sitting down he would have been eclipsed by the dancing crowd as was the drummer. This shot was taken at Ondine's, this engagement by all accounts predates the gigs at the Cheetah. Notice the outfits in this pic, Ondine's was a sea theamed club so it looks a bit like the band had gotten themselves some yacht-owner outfits? The clothing seen in the earlier pictures, white suits and the embroided jackets, both indicate a different target audience, in those shots they look like an r&b band that plays in a black club. Ondine's and Cheetah were both hip white clubs and you can see this reflected in the dresscode of the band.

band 5
Jimi Hendrix - guitar, Curtis Knight - vocals, Napoleon (Hank) Anderson - bass and probably (though not visible):
Nate Edmonds - organ, Marion Booker - drums

The picture below was taken at the Cheetah in May 1966.

band 6
Nate Edmonds, Jimi Hendrix, Marion Booker (in the back), Napoleon (Hank) Anderson (in front), Curtis Knight