Other PPX artists

In addition to Curtis Knight Ed Chalpin signed & represented many other artists. None of these acts are known to have recorded or played with Jimi Hendrix but like the PPX backing tracks  they offer an insight into what kind of a business PPX Enterprises Inc. was.

Here's a list of info on artists & tracks recorded / released / published / represented by PPX in the 1960s that I've been able to gather so far. If you have anything to add or corrections please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

45 "Next To Your Fire / Without A Woman" (Capitol P 2174) USA 1968
Don Brewer and Mark Farner left The Pack in 1968 and started Grand Funk Railroad. An interesting release as the A-side is a cover of "Fire" by the Jimi Hendrix Experience - with the publishing credited to PPX. Ed Chalpin never handled Jimi's publishing for anything else other than the Curtis Knight -material so this credit is a bit of a mystery, perhaps a mix up at Capitol as they had been working with Chalpin on the first two Curtis Knight & Jimi Hendrix -lps.
Listen to on YouTube (Next To Your Fire): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOC1vAldWds

45 "Shadow On The Ground / ?" (Decca?) UK? 1967?
A single by Tony Case is mentioned in a letter send by UK Decca to Ed Chalpin but no release seems to ever have materialized.1

45 "You Got Me / You Got Me" (20th Century Fox Records 628) promotional copy - USA 196?
45 "You Got Me / Love Is Something Within" (20th Century Fox Records 628) - USA 196?
"Young, Warm And Wonderful" - unreleased demo?
PPX credited for "You Got Me", I haven't seen the other labels.

See the Ricky Mason Artists-entry

"Didn't It Seem A Bit Like Love" - unreleased demo?
An acetate disc exists with a "PPX ENTERPRISES" credit on the label.

1 Letter from Geoffrey A. Milne of Decca London Division to Ed Chalpin dated 30 June 1967 - Ed Chalpin Papers, Library and Archives, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
3 a demo for the track is mentioned in a letter from Janet Facher (for Ed Chalpin) to Tom Morgan of Capitol Records dated 1 March 1968 - Ed Chalpin Papers, Library and Archives, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum