"Help me" is the only known Grey recording featuring Hendrix. The track is based on the original Ray Sharpe version, it actually uses the exact same backing track (although it has been speeded up to fit on one side of a 45, the Sharpe version was split between two sides of a single). Sharpe's vocals have been removed and a new lead vocal by Owen Grey added, along with background singing and hand clapping. Apart from these changes all music on this track comes from the original Ray Sharpe version.

This is quite interesting as it proves that either Atlantic had either loaned Island records the original multitracks or send them an instrumental mix of the track to use. Or Owen Grey actually recorded his version in New York City? Any Owen Grey or Island Records experts out there who could shed light on this?

Help Me (Get The Feeling)
Composers: "King" Curtis Ousley, Ray Sharpe, Cornell Dupree
Recorded at (backing track): New York City (Atlantic Studios?)
Recorded at (Grey overdubs): ?
Engineer (backing track): ?
Engineer (Grey overdubs): ?
Producer (backing track): "King" Curtis Ousley
Producer (Grey overdubs): ?
Date (backing track): 21 January 1966
Date (Grey overdubs): ?
Vocals: Owen Grey
Backing vocals: ?
Clapping: ?
Drums: Ray Lucas
Bass: Chuck Rainey
Lead guitar: Cornell Dupree
Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
Trumpet: Melvin Lastie
Tenor sax: "King" Curtis Ousley
Baritone sax: Willie Bridges

Only one mix of the track exists, in mono.
Available on: 7" Owen Grey: "Help Me / Incense" (Island WIP-6000).
Also available on: Cd "Work Your Soul: Jamaican 60s & Northern 1966-74" (Trojan Records TJDCD069) (mastered from a scratchy 45)