The Lenny Howard 45 featuring Jimi Hendrix is one of four so far discovered "original artist" -releases of the backing track best known as "Sweet Thang" (the other three were recorded by Lonnie Youngblood & Jimi Hendrix, Billy LaMont and George Scott, see the Lonnie Youngblood backing tracks -entry). The backing track itself was recorded in New York City in early 1966.

Keep The Faith, Baby
(aka Wipe The Sweat aka Sweet Thang)
Composers: Lonnie Youngblood, Henry Ollie Jones
Arranged by: Lonnie Youngblood ?
Recorded at: unknown recording studio, New York City, New York, USA
Engineer: ?
Producer: Johnny Brantley
Date (backing track): first half of 1966
Date (vocals): circa January 1967
Vocals: Lenny Howard (possibly a pseudonym for Ollie Jones)
Drums: ?
Bass: ?
Piano: ?
Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
Horns: Lonnie Youngblood

This track uses take 3 of "Wipe The Sweat" as the backing track over which Lenny Howards' vocals were overdubbed in January 1967. See the Lonnie Youngblood backing tracks -entry for a complete rundown of all the variations of this track.

Mix 1 (2.44)
In mono. Horns come in at c. 0.08.The backing track is basically the same as Take 3 of "Wipe The Sweat". The mix is very different but contains all the same instruments, the horns come in right at the start (unlike the Billy LaMont version where they come in much later) and both versions fade out at the same point.
Available on: 7" Lenny Howard: Keep The Faith, Baby / Darlin' (Real George 501)