As far as known Hendrix only participated in Jimmy Norman studio sessions and never performed live with him. Jimi plays guitar on two 1966 Jimmy Norman tracks, see "Recordings" for details. A third unreleased track titled "On You Girlie It Looks So Good" was in the possession of Jimmy Norman. No further details are known, but Jimmy Norman did auction an unreleased Bob Marley demo tape in 2002 so the Hendrix recording probably does exist: https://www.christies.com/en/lot/lot-4041067

It would seem that Jimmy Norman was working closely with the Icemen at the time of the Samar single releases. Samar 111 by The Icemen and Samar 112 by Jimmy Norman (with what sounds like backing vocals by the Icemen), both have Hendrix on guitar with similar instrumentation.

The following coupling is Samar 116 by Jimmy Norman and Samar 117 by The Icemen (with one track composed by Jimmy Norman), both of these 45 feature a string section and have no involvement by Hendrix.

It seems thus pretty likely that there were two separate sessions, the first session involving Hendrix, that produced the four Samar singles.

Wayback Machine has kept a (partial) copy of the official Jimmy Norman website which is now long gone: