When the Mr. Wiggles compilation cds came out in 2002 and Mr. Wiggles made his claims that Jimi Hendrix is playing on many of his recordings I remained very sceptical. It's now however time to include Mr. Wiggles on this site as I stumbled upon recorded evidence that Jimi & Mr. Wiggles at least definately knew each other. The tape in question is a reel to reel home recording made by Jimi himself, see The Dirty Tape

A listing of the various recordings made by Mr. Wiggles and other artists between 1964-1966 and released on various labels belonging to the Sound Of Soul "family" is in the works but it's still quite unclear on which (if any) studio recordings Jimi played on. The tracks that Mr. Wiggles himself has listed as having Jimi on them span a circa 4 year period while it's much more likely that if Jimi did work with him in the studio it would have been for a very short period of time as Jimi didn't really manage (or want) to hold any job much longer than 6 months at this time in his life...also the guitar player on some recordings Mr. Wiggles listed quite obviously isn't Jimi as the playing is nowhere near his style. But more on all that at a later date.