I've listed all appearances (that I currently know of) that Jimi made with Wilson Pickett on this page. This also includes the occasions that Jimi just shared the same bill with Pickett while playing guitar for other artists. The list is very likely to be incomplete - so if you have anything to add please do let me know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FRIDAY 19 June 1964
This gig with Pickett on the same bill was a "farewell" show for WWRL DJ Magnificent Montague at Rockland Palace in New York City Friday 19 June 1964. Jimi was playing guitar for the Isley Brothers who were part of a line-up that also included Ben E. King, (possibly) Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett with Magnificient Montague acting as the MC.

The picture below of Wilson Pickett in action was taken at the show, Magnificient Montague is standing behind Pickett with his hand on Pickett's back.

See the Isley Brothers Live Dates -page for more pictures and information on this show.

Thursday 5 May 1966
The Prelude, New York City, New York
The only fully confirmed known occasion of Jimi playing guitar behind Wilson Pickett took place at the Prelude in New York City on 5 May 1966. At the time Jimi was playing guitar for the King Curtis Band who were the house band at an Atlantic Records -party honoring Percy Sledge. So while Jimi did play guitar for Wilson Pickett on this date he wasn't a member of Pickett's band, during this evening Jimi also played with King Curtis, Esther Phillips, Percy Sledge and Don Covay

See the Percy Sledge -section for more information on this show.

In May 1966 Wilson Pickett was booked for an appearance at Club 888 in Ontario, Canada. This gig was possibly followed by one or two others on unconfirmed dates but the details are a bit hazy. According to eyewitness reports all of these gigs featured Jimi on guitar but Pickett himself has denied ever having Jimi in his band and there are no pictures available from any of these gigs.

The eyewitness accounts do seem credible but as there is very little concrete evidence to confirm Jimi's involvement I must consider these dates unconfirmed for now. You can read more about these gigs and the eyewitness accounts in the article published in Univibes #74.

If you have any information to add or correct please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wednesday 25 May 1966 with Wilson Pickett?
Club 888, 888 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Wilson Pickett and support: the Rogues, R.K. & The Associates, Bobby Kris and The Imperials
The building that housed Club 888 was originally known as the Masonic Temple Auditorium and it's still standing at 888 Yonge Street / Yonge at Davenport.

Found on Newspapers.com


Wednesday? 25 May 1966? with Wilson Pickett?

Gogue Inn, Toronto, Ontario, Canada?
Wilson Pickett and support: the Rogues, R.K. & The Associates, Bobby Kris and The Imperials 
Gogue Inn is included in the Univibes #74 article but it isn't mentioned by any of the eyewitnesses quoted. A gig at the Gogue Inn is referred to on the website Museum of Canadian Music at citizenfreak.com:
"One show at the Gogue Inn, advertised in the Toronto Telegram's "After Four" section for May 25, 1966, found the group
[the Rogues] opening for Wilson Pickett alongside another local group, R K & The Associates, who featured future Mandala singer Roy Kenner."

I think it's highly unlikely that there were two Wilson Pickett gigs (with the same support acts) in Toronto in May 1966. So is it possible that someone mixed up the Gogue Inn and Club 888 or remembered or printed the wrong location? Or was the gig moved from Club 888 to the Gogue Inn?

Ads for the gig at Club 888 were published in the 18 May 1966 and 21 May 1966 -issues of the Toronto Daily Star. I couldn't find any ads for the Gogue Inn (for any artist) in these issues. So multiple (three that I could find) ads were published in the Toronto Star for Wilson Pickett at Club 888 and not a single one for the Gogue Inn for Pickett or for any other artist for the 25th of May which would suggest that there was no Wilson Pickett gig at Gogue Inn around this time. Either there was one later or some people have remembered the location for the gig incorrectly?

A notice of bankruptcy was publish in the 7 June 1968 issue of The Toronto Star which informs us that the owners of the Gogue Inn, Barbara Ann Little and Donald Victor Little, had been declared to be bankrupt.

Does anyone out there have a scan of the ad from the 25 May 1966 issue of Toronto Telegram mentioned above? Back issues of the Toronto Telegram are available on microfilm at the Toronto Public Library so that would be a fun afternoon for someone local to spend going through all of the gig ads from May 1966.

The Toronto Public Library also has an archive of back issues of the Toronto Star available online - but access requires a Toronto library card.

May 1966? with Wilson Pickett?
unknown location, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada 
Wilson Pickett and support: The Ugly Ducklings
Members of the Ugly Ducklings state that they supported Wilson Pickett at a gig in Peterborough and ID the guitar player as Jimi Hendrix, see Univibes #74. The exact date and location of the gig are unknown.