The Billy LaMont recording of "Sweet Thang" with Jimi Hendrix on guitar is one of three so far discovered "original artist" -releases of the backing track best known as "Sweet Thang" (the other two were recorded by Lenny Howard & George Scott, see the "Lonnie Youngblood backing tracks" -entry). The backing track itself was recorded in New York City in 1966, when Billy LaMont overdubbed his vocals is unknown.

Sweet Thang
Composers: Lonnie Youngblood, Johnny Brantley, Billy LaMont
Arranged by: T.Staff and Lonnie Youngblood
Recorded at: unknown recording studios, New York City, New York, USA
Engineer: ?
Producer: Johnny Brantley
Date: 1966
Vocals: Billy LaMont
Drums: ?
Bass: ?
Piano: ?
Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
Horns: Lonnie Youngblood

The same backing track was used by Lenny Howard for "Keep The Faith, Baby" and by George Scott for another version with "Sweet Thang" -lyrics. See the "Lonnie Youngblood backing tracks" -entry for a complete rundown of all versions.

Mix 1 (2.22)
In mono. Horns come in at c. 0.48. Fades 1-2 seconds earlier than mix 2, the big difference in time is probably down to the mastering speed.
Available on: 7" Billy LaMont: Sweet Thang (20th Century-Fox Records 45-6707).

Mix 2 (2.32)
In mono and stereo. Horns come in at c. 0.08 and instrument balance is different. There are mono and stereo versions available of this mix.
Available on:
Stereo version - Cd "Before the experience" (Classic Popular CDCD 1172)
Mono version - Lp "For real!" (DJLMD 8011)