The Billy LaMont recording of "Sweet Thang" with Jimi Hendrix on guitar is one of four so far discovered versions of the track originally recorded by Lonnie Youngblood and Jimi Hendrix as "Wipe The Sweat", see the "Lonnie Youngblood Backing Tracks" -page. The backing track was recorded in New York City in early 1966, Billy LaMont probably overdubbed his vocals in 1968.

Sweet Thang
Composers: Lonnie Youngblood, Johnny Brantley, Billy LaMont
Arranged by: T.Staff and Lonnie Youngblood
Recorded at: unknown recording studios, New York City, New York, USA
Engineer: ?
Producer: Johnny Brantley
Date (backing track): early 1966
Date (vocals): 1968?
Vocals: Billy LaMont
Drums: ?
Bass: ?
Piano: ?
Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
Horns: Lonnie Youngblood

The same backing track was used by Lenny Howard for "Keep The Faith, Baby" and by George Scott for another version with the "Sweet Thang" -lyrics. See the "Lonnie Youngblood backing tracks" -entry for a complete rundown of all versions.

Mix 1 (2.22)
In mono. Horns come in at c. 0.48. Fades 1-2 seconds earlier than mix 2, the big difference in time is probably down to the mastering speed.
Available on: 7" Billy LaMont: Sweet Thang (20th Century-Fox Records 45-6707).

Mix 2 (2.32)
In mono and stereo. Horns come in at c. 0.08 and instrument balance is different. There are mono and stereo versions available of this mix.
Available on:
Stereo version - CD Before the experience (Classic Popular CDCD 1172)
Mono version - LP For real! (DJLMD 8011)