Publicity pictures
The publicity pictures of Curtis Knight & the Squires were taken by Maurice Seymour. The studio "Maurice Seymour" originally consisted of two brothers, Moise and Simche Zeldman 1. The brothers moved to the USA from Russia in 1920 5 and adopted the first names Maurice and Seymour. They originally worked in Chicago but on the 3rd of August 1953 4 Seymour Zeldman opened a studio in New York City at 1619 Broadway, The Brill Building, and from then on both brothers worked under the name "Maurice Seymour". The pictures taken in different cities can be indentified by the signatures, under the name "Maurice Seymour" either "Chicago" or "NY" / "New York" can be found in small print 3.

The pictures of Curtis Knight & the Squires were taken in New York City by Maurice Seymour (aka Seymour Zeldman aka Simche Zeldman) at his studio in the Brill Building at 1619 Broadway. Unfortunately "most, if not all" (according to Ron Seymour) of the New York City negatives have been lost so the Squires negatives are unlikely to exist any longer 2.

I'm aware of three shots, one group shot of the Squires together, a portrait of Nate Edmonds and a portrait of Curtis Knight.

The Squires groupshot
Probably taken in late 1965. Available from Getty Images in several differently cropped versions. The Getty Images print does not have a visible "Maurice Seymour" -credit but there's another print in existence that does have it.
With: Jimi Hendrix, Marion Booker (back), Curtis Knight (front), Ace Hall

The most complete version comes with a title "CURTIS KNIGHT and the SQUIRES" under the picture and contact info in smaller print:

Personal Management:
Ed Chalpin
PPX Enterprises
N.Y.C. CI 7-6010

The Nate Edmonds portrait
The exact date of the Nate Edmonds (keyboard player with the Squires) photo is unknown. Photo courtesy of Sharon Soul & Nate Edmonds Jr.
Titled "NATE EDMONDS" under the picture with contact info next to it smaller print:

1674 Broadway
New York, N.Y. 10019
Phone 2?? 2326 - 2?5-95?4


The Curtis Knight portrait

The portrait of Curtis Knight is dated 1963 on the Curtis Knight Foundation -website. As this is a solo Knight picture with a RSVP-label credit it most likely was taken close to the date that he signed with RSVP, the first two releases on the label being credited solely to Curtis Knight and only the 3rd single to Curtis Knight & the Squires. So a 1963 (or 1964) date seems likely. The picture has the title "CURTIS KNIGHT" under it and the following contact info:

Personal Mgt.
(516) 536-7887
?? NY

Maurice Seymour picture links
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