Village Purple Onion
135 West 3rd Street, Greenwich Village, New York City, New York
The only evidence for this gig is a single photo, probably posed before or after the gig as Jimi and Hank are looking straight into the camera and there is no audience to be seen. The date is unknown 1 but since Nate Edmons (organ) and Marion Booker (drums) are in the band this shot probably dates from circa June - August 1966.

Curtis Knight - vocals
Jimi Hendrix - guitar
Napoleon "Hank" Anderson - bass
Nate Edmonds - organ
Marion Booker - drums

Jimi Hendrix - guitar, Nate Edmonds - organ, Curtis Knight - guitar, Marion Booker - drums, Napoleon Anderson - bass


1 According to the caption in Curtis Knight's Hendrix biography "Jimi" this picture was taken at the Purple Onion. Though he also dates this to be from 1964 which is incorrect as he didn`t even meet Jimi before 1965.